Consulting Services

Developing effective enterprise solutions requires a reliable technology partner with a history of delivering on time. RINA Consulting approaches each project with consistent principles – to deliver a product that is practical, flexible, and supportable software. Our teams have significant experience in the areas of mathematics, statistics, and modeling. Combining our technical competence and broad software development expertise with experience developing custom applications for Fortune 500 companies and financial firms allows us delivering complete solutions across a variety of industries.

RINA Consulting delivers state-of-the-art technology that focuses on our customers’ core business needs by leveraging specialized teams with expertise across a variety of industries and disciplines. This approach helps our partners reduce costs and achieve increased efficiencies.


Projects Delivered

Portfolio Analysis Software

Developed portfolio software that was licensed by Omega Research (now TradeStation Group) a Miami-based investment analysis software company. Also provided additional development of performance analysis tools to be included in the company's flagship charting software.

Secure Web Transaction Application

Designed, developed and provided support for web enabled transaction application for a Fortune 10 multinational corporation. Developed the infrastructure to support this application. This application was designed to function as an international processing system to manage large volumes of data and supports over 250,000 users worldwide.

Purchase Card Software

Developed PCard Office and PCard Audit Tool Software that was licensed by various firms to control their spending and automate the audit cycle. Provide ongoing maintenance and support to clients and offer services that use the results of the PCard program audits to model different rule and parameter combinations which optimize the results of the audit.

Pharmacy Technology System

Designed and developed Pharmacy Technology System (“PTS”) to meet the needs of the long term care pharmacy market. PTS offers more flexibility and streamlined workflow in all aspects of pharmacy management including order processing, freeing staff time and resources for other tasks.

Writing Software

Developed and designed Konspectus software that navigates students through writing assignments using a 3-step approach from outlines to a final paper, and formats and stores references and citations in selected formats. The Konspectus application supports Common Core requirements.

Big Data Search

Created Rinalogy Search which allows organizations to organize massive amounts of disparate data by securely pinpointing, consolidating, and correlating all data and information sources. The Rinalogy Search solution enables to reach data backed conclusions faster and more accurately which increases efficiency and reduces costs by displaying the most relevant information at the top and does this quickly.

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